Rule-based, linguistic search interface for Wittgenstein primary sources.

This project is a cooperation between the Centrum für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung (CIS) at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität München  and the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB). The task of the project is to develop a FinderApp containing several computational tools which make Wittgenstein’s Nachlass better researchable.

CIS Resources include CIS’ electronic lexicon CISLEX, one of the biggest electronic lexicon for the German language. CIS software tools include an own developed search/concordance tool WiTTFind based on “Local Grammars”. CIS software and resources can be accessed on the CisServers with every Internetbrowser.

Resources from WAB include 5000 pages of the Wittgenstein Nachlass in facsimile, text editions and transcriptions, an ontology file with metadata for these 5000 pages, including detailed records for Wittgenstein’s references to other works or persons.

The Research group is directed by Maximilian Hadersbeck (CIS) and Alois Pichler (WAB). Other participants include Florian Fink (CIS), Øyvind Liland Gjesdal (WAB),  Daniel Bruder (CIS)  and  Stefan Schweter (CIS).

The Big Typescript




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