Michael Huemer: Epistemology Papers

Michael Huemer: Epistemology Papers

  • Dissertation
    A direct realist account of perceptual awareness
  • Probability & Coherence
    Refutation of BonJour’s argument for coherentism. Appeared in Southern Journal of Philosophy, Winter 1997.
  • Confirmation Theory
    Discussion of the problem of induction, some failed solutions to it, and my favored approach: inference to the best explanation
  • The Problem of Defeasible Justification
    Sets forth a general skeptical argument concerning defeasible justification. Generalizes on problem of induction and Cartesian/brain-in-the-vat skepticism. Close attention to general logical/epistemological principles the problem depends on
  • The Problem of Memory Knowledge
    Why are we justified in believing what we seem to remember? I refute three natural theories of this and then present my own solution
  • Sense Data
    Article from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Explanation & Inductive Logic
    Explains how the notion of explanatory priority helps us to properly interpret the Principle of Indifference, leading to a defense of induction
  • Skepticism and the Veil of Perception
    Information about and excerpts from the book

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